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Wednesday Night Bible Study


We read and hear a lot today about the issue of Church Growth. The modern church growth movement was sparked in the 1960’s, when a new breed of evangelicals began to analyze and then strategize the way in which churches sought to reach new people. Today, there is hardly a church in our country that has not in some way been affected by the movement and its ideology. While there have been some positive results, many churches have sold their souls to fill their seats, and have abandoned biblical principles in the process.

How does a Church grow? What methods should be uses? What steps should a Church take to see real growth. The answer is not found in some church growth book written by the popular preachers but instead is found within the pages of the book of Acts.

The book of Acts is not the record of the beginning of the Church, as the Church clearly began during the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. It is however the record of the great expansion of the early church. If we truly want to study how to grow a Church, we need not study man’s thinking, but instead study what God has already said.

Beginning Wednesday, March 6, our Church will be taking an in-depth look at the book of Acts through a series entitled “UNLEASHED: Rediscovering God’s power and plan for the Church.” Come join us weekly at 7pm


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