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Easter: Beyond Commercialism

“He is not here: for he is risen, as he said” Matthew 28:6

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Some crazy people like marshmallow peeps and bunnies. Maybe your favorite treat during this holiday is a Cadbury crème egg.

Since I eat chocolate year-round (and I’m not a big fan of milk chocolate which seems to be the standard for Easter bunnies), I like to turn my mind in a different direction. If I keep it there long enough, it might even help my waistline.

Jesus Christ lives. He is a risen savior. There is no tomb that holds his physical remains. This fact sets Christianity apart from every other religion in the world.

Not only did our Savior live a perfect life, speak immortal words, teach heavenly principles, but he defeated “the last enemy…death” (I Cor. 15:26). He offers a hope that transcends mortality.

Even if the holiday of Easter was fixed on our calendar by Constantine in AD 325, the resurrection it commemorates happened hundreds of years earlier. Can you imagine Peter, James and John ignoring the anniversary of Christ’s resurrection? I can’t.

Are we honoring the anniversary in our lives today – 2,000 years later?

Some people will attend a church worship service on Easter Sunday, but they won’t consider doing so the rest of the year. Is this an honorable commemoration?

Jesus’ death provides the blood required for our salvation and redemption. Thankfully, he unselfishly suffered cruel torture to pay the debt of people from every era – people who would reject his gift.

While Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice moves me to tears of gratitude, the celebration on Easter Sunday brings shouts of triumph to my lips. Jesus is alive. Paying the price for sin was only the beginning of the work his Father sent him to accomplish.

Christ’s triumph over death, hell and the grave bestows eternal hope on all who accept Him as Savior. “In Christ shall all be made alive” (I Cor. 15:22).

While some people hunt for eggs, or glory over baskets filled with fake grass and calories, I’ll rejoice that Christ’s resurrection guarantees eternal life for me.

“We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed” I Corinthians 15:51



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