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Evolution or Creation – It is a Matter of Trust

Broken Trust

When someone is trying to tell or teach us something we have one of two options: We can either choose to believe them, or not believe them, based on our level of trust in their wisdom and knowledge, experience, or their relationship to us.

  • Those with a lot of wisdom or knowledge (like the ‘three ‘R‘s of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic), tend to fall into a trustworthy status because what they teach can and has been be proven in various ways.
  • We usually trust the teachings of those who exhibit a lot of experience in certain area(s) due to their ‘time in service’, as it were.
  • Generally, we also trust those that are closely related to us because of that relationship in tandem with a proven track record of not leading us astray.

In the secular world, there can be a plethora of factors that will determine a teacher’s lessons.  With that in mind, we need to look not only at the individual’s credentials but at their motivation – what makes them say what they say.

For simplicity’s sake, we will focus on those in 1) the profession of teaching us and our children, and 2) those that teach us from God’s word, The Bible.

I want to start off by stating that I do appreciate the amount of schooling that a teacher must go through in order to receive their certification. Often, it is a long road to a thankless end. They study (at a bare minimum) a few years, and even for decades when pursuing the highest levels of accreditation, such as a PhD.

But why do they go through all this when the average teacher does not earn what most consider to be a ‘fair wage’ for the work they do? Generally, it starts off with passion. But what drives that passion?

  • Maybe it is a desire to help others along the path of knowledge and growth – an honorable mindset, to be sure.
    • The issue arises after the system deems you competent to teach and worthy of hire, and entrusts you to carry out the school’s curriculum, and also with that: Their agenda. It is here that a morally sound teacher has to make a choice: Do they teach what they know to be true and not false, or do they do as instructed and present what the board mandates and maintain their employ? In today’s economic climate the answer is, almost universally, the latter. Food on the table and a place to live trump common sense and personal beliefs.
    • It is here that we see teachers with a strong moral core, and even saved children of God, start to teach the unverifiable and impossible theory of evolution. Why? Because as stated earlier, they NEED a job to provide for themselves and their families. Where the system fails the teacher is that most every school system bans them from not only teaching the Biblical fact of creation but even mentioning it at all.
    • The result: They start off with good intentions, morals, and beliefs that are quickly negated by the need for gainful employment, and ending in the school system’s prohibition of their teaching the truth in lieu of the their dubious agenda.
  • Maybe they are are unsaved and the myth of evolution seems just as plausible as anything else.
    • Without the knowledge of Gods Holy Word to throw the ‘glaring light of truth’ on the teachings of evolution, being a monkey-decedent may be a bummer, but I guess that’s ‘just the way it goes’.
    • In this case: Their motivation is driven by an apathetic attitude that allows them to teach evolution, without reservation, since they have not sought to find if what they are teaching is the truth or not.
  • Maybe they are a hardened atheist and their motivation is the desire to further an agenda that falls well in line with that of the typical school system. That of ignoring or outright denying the act of creation in favor of evolutionary theory.
    • This is the most malicious of the possible options presented and in being so, their motivations are very clear: Deny creation and Christ and push evolution at every opportunity.

So, we have looked at a few motivating factors that may drive a teacher to deny the Bible and push evolution in its place. But what of the teachers and preachers of the Word of God? What drives them to present creation rather than evolution?

To start with, lets look at some of the reasons people do not choose the path of proclaiming the Gospel. They don’t do it for …

  • the pay.
    • In general, the life of a teacher and preacher of the full truth of God’s word is far from financially profitable.
    • Regarding preachers: most make just enough from their church to pay their monthly bills and possibly put a very small amount of money away for a rainy day.
    • For the record: Your typical televangelist does make exorbitant amount of money, but I dare say, there are no popular televangelists that have maintained and adhered to preaching the full council of God’s word. They preach what is considered a ‘social gospel’. In other words, they tell their listeners what they want to hear and not what the need to hear: the full content of the Holy Bible.
    • As for the teachers in the house of God or in their own home: as you would expect, they are not paid at all. It is a labor of love.
  • the prestige.
    • Unlike those that hold the paid position of a teacher: the preacher or Sunday school teachers position is either looked at as inconsequential or worse, a waste of time. This is because the world thinks that the life of a servant of Christ is that of a slacker that is only willing to work 3-6 hours a week. They then spend the rest of the time at the fishing hole or in front of the TV. This is so far from the truth and a subject for a different article.
  • the popularity and gaining lots of friends.
    • If you care to take the time and ask, say, the pastor of your local new testament church, you will learn that he has a lot of acquaintances but very few actual friends.
    • His dedication to his faith and church makes him unpopular to the general public, because he is just ‘no fun’ and ‘dull’.

As you can see by the list above, the reasons for proclaiming God’s word are in sharp contrast to the aspirations of the secular world: money, status and popularity – none of which will ever bring true happiness.

If it is not for those things, then why go through all the friendless rejection and (more often than not) financial difficulties? The answer is simple and is the very base of Christianity and the Bible.

  • It is for love.
    • We preach and teach God’s word for no other reason than to lead the listener to 1) a saving knowledge of Jesus, the Christ and 2) to increase their biblical knowledge, thus deepening their understanding and giving them “… the peace of God, which passeth all understanding” – Philippians 4:7.

As we know, love is a great motivating factor – and what could be better than a love driven by the pure desire to see souls saved from hell and lake of fire designed for the eternal punishment of Satan and his fallen angles. There is no payment given from God to the proclaimer of the word, other than the knowledge that the blood of those they have witnessed to will not be on their hands, for they have not failed to proclaim the gospel to them.

Since the theme of this article is trust based on possible motivation, then consider this:

If you can not trust the pure motivation of a pastor that is following the guidance of the Holy Spirit or the person presenting the Word of God to you, in lieu of others that have no ‘eternal stake’ in what they teach,  then God be with you – you need Him more than you may ever know.

But, it is not to late.

If you are reading this, then God’s gift of life is still within you and the opportunity for salvation is within your reach. If you want to know how to be saved or are in need of a church home, please contact us and we will show you the way.



Beau is an award winning photographer whose work has appeared in magazines, corporate advertising, and on the World Wide Web. He brings his vast skills into good use on every photograph so that each one is not only technically precise, but is also artfully executed to achieve a result that adds "something more" than just what is seen through the lens. Since 1984 Beau has been firing shots from his "Canon" (camera) with rarely a miss. He has amassed a widely diverse and award-winning portfolio. His photographs have been published in The New York Times, X-Treme RC, books, Old-House Interiors Sourcebook, and more. Oh and did I mention that his PhotoShop skills are off the charts? Need more? He and his wife Jen operate their own shop . . . 2² Photo! Beau is the assistant song leader, plays guitar and is the graphic designer at the First Missionary Baptist Church of St. Helens, Oregon.

One thought on “Evolution or Creation – It is a Matter of Trust

  1. Knowledge is power. I teach because I love my students, yes, but I also am deeply convinced that they need knowledge to maneuver through a society wrought with people who would steal their liberty and a spiritual realm opposed by Satan, who would steal their soul.

    Of course, with knowledge comes responsibility, and many of the teachers and preachers in the world today are shirking theirs for many reasons, some of which are mentioned here.
    Very thought-provoking article. Thank you.

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