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Why we need an Instruction Manual for Life

Last week, we found out the Bible has much to offer to make our lives profitable. Who needs that instruction manual though? Most of us think we can maneuver through life following our gut instinct.

This is exactly what our adversary, the devil, wants us to think. He thought he knew more than God, and look where it landed him. We can’t expect different results if we follow the path of “what feels good.”

God created us. He knows we succeed when we have guidance. He doesn’t think our thoughts for us or force His decisions upon us. He does offer us facts for use in making the most informed choices.

He gave us the Bible “that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” (2 Timothy 3:17).

To be perfect

The word translated “perfect” doesn’t mean without error. Only God can be perfect according to that definition. The Bible can help us be complete, though. That’s the correct interpretation for the word “perfect” in this verse.

All of us have felt incomplete. Not that I’m advising you to trust your feelings. I am urging you to consider how perfect it was when you found completion.

An incomplete single person (and I’m not advocating that single people are incomplete) marries the person God designed for him/her. Now they feel whole. Two half-people joined up and found completion. Perfect.

Maybe you’ve experienced this with a job, a church, a home or a ministry. A certain emptiness existed until you filled it with the right thing.

God’s Word does this for the spiritual part of our being. It can also help us find the right mate, job, church and ministry, fulfilling us in these physical aspects.

To be completely furnished

My son’s girlfriend and I recently were charged with putting together the TV stand for his new apartment. The guys were hauling in the heavy furniture and building a bed frame. My procedure for this task began by opening the box and pulling out the instructions.

We had that thing together long before they finished the bed. Sure, we had one small misinterpretation, but we caught it on step two and righted that wrong. End result: a sturdy stand to hold the monstrosity my son calls a TV and his two game systems.

The Bible teaches us how to live our lives so they are no longer a loft with cardboard boxes and camp chairs. Instead, it can be a three-bedroom home with sturdy, matching furniture for every room.

We need to read the Bible so we can add the right things to our lives. The instructions in the TV stand box led to a solid piece of furniture. The teaching in God’s instruction manual pave the way to a solid testimony.

So we can do good works

My son didn’t want that TV stand because it looked good. He didn’t say, “Let’s put it together and sit it in that corner and just stare at it.”

Nope. It’s a TV stand. It’s intended to hold a TV and other media accoutrements.

We are intended to do more than look good for God. The Bible tells us what things to accomplish. We’re only looking good to our Lord when we’re doing these good works.

Without the Bible, we can’t do them. It makes us complete. It furnishes us so we can step outside and shine.

Don’t be a guy. Pick up God’s instruction manual (the Bible) and use it as a guidebook. Without it, living for God becomes a tangled jumble of wires and mismatched screws. And nobody wants that.

Next week: How to Thrive in an Imperfect Marriage


Freelance writer and editor whose background in education and BA in English Language & Literature amps her love of all things books. Twenty years of parenting and 26 of marriage gives unique insight to her preferred audiences of women, young adults, and teenagers.

3 thoughts on “Why we need an Instruction Manual for Life

  1. Yes, I agree. We can’t follow that “gut feeling”
    We have to be led by God’s Word and His Holy Spirit. He is the only one who knows which way we need to go. 🙂

      1. That’s so true. I had to learn to study God’s Word myself and not depend on others. I was learning from all these different preachers and they each had their own understanding of the scriptures that it was getting confusing. I realized I had to back off and start reading and learning myself. Sorry if it’s out of topic, but you mentioned all the voices around us and it reminded me of it.

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