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Do you have a vision?

Original image by Jay Mantri via
Original image by Jay Mantri via

The Bible encourages everyone to have a singular focus. In fact, this verse in Proverbs seems to suggest that NOT having such a purpose could lead to a major downfall.

The 2015 vision statement for First Missionary Baptist Church of St. Helens, Oregon, contains five active verbs. If the members truly seek to fulfil this purpose, God will be magnified:

To INSPIRE people to develop a heart for God
To INCLUDE them in our loving church family
To INSTRUCT them from the Word of God
To INVOLVE them in the ministry
To IMPACT Columbia County with the Gospel of Christ

If you follow this blog, we thank you for your support. We hope you share the posts that really speak to you with your friends. The writers on this page want to reach the world for Christ – using the gift of words. You help when you share or like these posts on Facebook or other social media.

This year, the major contributor to this blog is going to work along four major themes that tie into the vision statement of the church.

The calendar:

January – March               Service
April – June                        Growth
July – September               Unity
October – December         Praise

Will every post fit with the theme? Probably not. The church hosts several annual events and news about those will find its way here as well.

No, it isn’t an advertisement. Rather, it’s a small taste of the event. You know, like the sample tables in Costco.

Our hope is that you will take that nibble and savor it. We pray it creates a hunger in you for more. When it does, we’ll invite you to join our services via the Internet by clicking this link. (We’ve also added a permanent link to that page and our website to help you find what you’re searching for with fewer hassles.)

Are there any topics you would like to see covered? Bible verses on any of the themes you feel especially pertinent? Please leave a comment.



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