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Not getting fed or a refusal to feed yourself?

Where have we gone wrong? God’s people have never had so many study aids to help them understand what God is saying in His word. We have commentaries, concordances, study books, CD’s, and video ministries. In spite of all this, there are so many spiritual dwarfs and so many underdeveloped Christians.

C. H. Spurgeon was looking out of his hotel window, watching people who were coming to draw water from the pump in the street. After a period of time, he noted a man, who had come to the pump a number of times. Later Spurgeon discovered the reason why this man was at the pump so often; he was the local water seller, who distributed water to others. This was why he had returned to the pump so many times. He was returning to the source of the water.

The story from Spurgeon points us to one of our problems. We have learned to rely on the water salesman to supply us with our water, rather than going to the source of water ourselves. We no longer study the Word of God for ourselves. We rely on “baby food jar” study. We want our food chewed for us, fed to us, and then all we have to do is swallow.

From time to time, Pastors are faced with this statement: “Pastor, I am not being fed by your preaching. I leave hungry for more every week. I need more.” Often the individual who makes such a statement will end up leaving the Church in search for a Pastor that will “feed them”. After just a few years, they will leave the new Church, once again in search of a Pastor that will “feed them”.

Imagine with me this scenario. You deprive yourself of food for 6 days. On the seventh day, you take yourself to the best steak restaurant in town and order the best steak that they offer. You have them bring it out with a loaded baked potato and some fresh vegetables. After you return home from such a feast, you find yourself still hungering for more food. Is the restaurant at fault for not providing you with enough food?

The problem is you have forsaken food for six days and then thought one meal would satisfy your hunger.

This scenario points us to another one of our problems. We forsake the Word of God Monday through Saturday, but expect the Pastor to satisfy our spiritual hunger with just 30 minutes of preaching. We need to dig into the Word of God for ourselves. Each day we do things to care for the Flesh, yet we neglect the Spiritual things, and then we wonder why we are such spiritual dwarfs.

Study helps are great. I use them every week. The preaching we receive from our Pastors is important, and I hope you are getting that every week. However, if we continue to rely on others to feed us and we never go to the source for ourselves, we will continue to be spiritual babes and underdeveloped Christians.


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