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The Biblical Chain of Command

The world runs smoothly when we honor the Chain of Command. Yes, my soldier side is showing. I think that’s better than having my slip showing, but I’ll let you decide.

In boot camp, we actually had to memorize the chain of command for our unit – all the way to the Commander in Chief. It was crazy.

But it works.

God set up a Chain of Command in the Bible, too. Unfortunately, too many would-be world leaders ignore it. Thus, the chaotic condition of our world.

From the Beginning

As soon as God created our world, he established an order for everything.

The Creator topped the charts. Mankind had dominion over everything else.

Peace and order reigned for as long as this hierarchy was honored. But, like he does whenever he sees something good, Satan stepped in and messed things up.

Afterward, the ground revolted. The wife had to be ruled by the husband. Even the animals ran away, fearful they might have to die to cover man’s sin.

In the New Testament

Jesus made it clear that there were only two commandments for us to follow. Love God and love our neighbors.

He changed the hierarchy somewhat by making himself “less” than the Father. When he took on flesh, he showed subjection to God the Father and set a precedent.

Furthermore, he showed that the third member of this God-trifecta was also taking a lower spot in the Chain of Command. By glorifying Jesus, the Holy Ghost set aside his equality.

This doesn’t mean that Jesus is any less God than he ever was. The Holy Ghost has the same power and position as always, but under the new covenant, these two had different roles to play.

In your Life

Most days, the average person might feel like they are at the bottom of the food chain (which is NOT the same thing as the Chain of Command). Everyone else has more money and power. No one notices our efforts.

The fact is, we are all under the authority of someone else. If you have a job, you’re boss has some control over you. Your boss answers to the CEO. The CEO must align his practices with the laws of the State. The State follows Federal regulations.

At the top – whether our fine leaders want to admit it – is God.

As the designer of this world – nay, universe, His will is supreme. His Word is the final authority.

Godhead hierarchyProblems arise when we step out of line. Have you ever went over your supervisor’s head when you had a problem? Was it a positive experience?

I recall staring the Captain directly in the eye when discussing some changes I wanted for my little platoon. He listened with a stoic expression.

“Did you talk to Sergeant Major Knudsen about this?”

When I shook my head, he nodded and walked away. That was the moment I knew I hadn’t done things according to Army Protocol (yes, that’s a thing – there’s even a Department of the Army Protocol Precedence List).

I thought we were just having a conversation, discussing what would be good for the unit. Apparently, that wasn’t the same experience the commander had.

Thankfully, we can go directly to Jesus with our concerns and problems. They reach his ears on the wings of the Holy Ghost. Once Jesus hears, he leans over and chats with the Supreme Commander about them.

That’s the way it works. “No man cometh to the Father but by me” (John 14:6) and the Spirit makes intercession for our feeble prayers (Romans 8:26-27). Thankfully, God makes this chain of command easy for us to follow it.

Do you have any experience stepping outside the Chain of Command? 



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