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Love Works: The Principle

“Love is an action not a feeling”

Real love works. The problem facing most of us is that the meaning of love has been diluted by misuse. The average person doesn’t understand what love is anymore.

This principle was clearly illustrated in the movie The Giver. This film, starring Jeff Bridges as the title character, is based on an award-winning novel by Lois Lowry.

When the character Jonas asked his father, “Do you love me?” he was reprimanded. “Use precise language,” his mother said.

Do I enjoy being around you? Do I honor you? Am I proud of you? All of these were ways his father tried to determine what Jonas really wanted to know.

Because love had lost its meaning in their society, just as it has in the United States of America.

People say “I love you” when they really mean – “I like being around you.” Or “I am physically attracted to you.” Or even “you make me happy.”

In reality, we must look to Jesus Christ for an example of real love (and for the best example of anything positive in our world).

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his live for his friends” (John 15:13).

If I love someone, my actions will show it. I will sacrifice my own well-being for theirs. Not even death is too great a price to pay to demonstrate love.

This is the principle behind a new movement at our church (and others, like Central Peninsula Church).  Love is an action, and when love works – physically – people are drawn to Christ.

This is the first time our church has ever participated in a Love Works initiative. It fits perfectly with our mission to serve our local community by demonstrating God’s love.

During the month of March, this blog will be dedicated to describing this initiative and the motivation behind it.

Next week: Love Works: The Practice



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