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Love Works: The Practice


Last week, I introduced the Love Works principle. True love is an action; thus, showing Christ’s love involves physical WORK.

I know, work is a four-letter word.  And, we lazy humans would rather do as little work as possible.

Jesus calls us to be different. In fact, he showed us how to love people in a way that worked – as in, it was effective.

When people were hungry – Jesus fed them.

When people were sick – Jesus healed them.

When people had a problem – Jesus solved it.

When people were hurting – Jesus helped them.

When people were lost – Jesus found them.

People need love – Jesus loves them.

1John4.19In short, we must reach out to those around us with the same caring heart that Jesus has.  When he said, “I love you,” he showed it with works.

Everyone loves their friends and family. Can you think of something one of them has done to prove their love? (Prove it? You mean I shouldn’t believe them if they don’t prove it? No, but if you love them, it should show forth in your actions – i.e. proof).

Do you love your neighbor? What can you do to show them that? That’s what it looks like when Love Works is put into action.

Next Week: Love Works for Community



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