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The Beauty of Unity According to Psalms


Unity is beautiful. Division is ugly. In fact, King David wrote a song about it.

This short song (Psalm 133) written by David was among the hymnals sang as people made their way up to the temple to worship. It was meant to shift the pilgrims’ focus from the journey to the endgame.

This month, we’ve talked about reasons why unity is hard to attain. We learned that Jesus prayed for us to have unity, and the Apostle Paul beseeched us to be diligent about keeping a unified peace in church.

Mixed into those admonitions were reasons why unity is such an important attribute in our church.

But what’s in it for us? I mean, we have to give up our own desires and put everyone else first. That sounds like so much giving. What do we get?

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1).

Unity makes church good. In fact, it will be downright pleasant to gather with your congregation when everyone is seeing eye-to-eye about the mission of the church.

Two comparisons

David likens the unity of worshippers to anointing oil and dew.

  1. The precious ointment used in anointing the high priest was distinctive. It smelled good. It was costly. It was holy. Furthermore, once it was poured out, it kept dripping. Unity should spread from us and outward.
    Oil often is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. If that’s the case in this passage, unity is evidence that the Spirit had control of our lives.
  1. Dew refreshes. Israel is an especially arid country and the dew that appears in the morning won’t last long. This isn’t to say that unity will be fleeting. But it should be noted that it can be short-lived if we aren’t conscious of what is required to maintain it.

The dew of unity is a blessing of the Lord. Spending time at church should refresh our spirits. If it doesn’t, unity might be lacking (or we might have a problem with sin, but that’s another topic altogether).

Friends, unity is a lovely thing for us to revel in. It honors God when we have the same mindset to serve him as our fellow believers. Further, our unified spirit shines as a beacon to the lost souls tossed on the dark sea of life.

Will you dwell together in unity with your church family today? It is a beautiful thing on Earth and in Heaven when we do.

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