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Unity is for You and Your Church

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

If you love God, you love unity with God’s people. If you aren’t experiencing unity where you worship, it’s time to consider the reasons why.

First, we understand that unity is a meeting of the minds, seeing eye-to-eye and supporting the same goals.

Maintaining the sense of unity we get from God when we’re saved is difficult because of our human nature. If we’re guilty of selfishness or impurity, we can’t walk in agreement with our brothers and sisters. God pours His love in our heart when he saves us, and a lack of love for others will lead to disunity.

Jesus prayed for us to be of one mind with each other. Paul exhorted members of a church to set aside petty differences to focus on spreading the Gospel.

In fact, the main reason our church is going nowhere probably stems from the lack of unity.


Is the problem you? We’ll look at this in more depth in the next post, but it’s time to get honest.

unity begins with u

Some people aren’t happy no matter where they go or what they do. They find things to gripe about and people to be offended by.

Sound like you? Then the lack of unity at your church is at least partly your fault. Because you’re making issues with non-issues. Others try to reach out and get a face full of thistles.

Why are you unhappy? Three things to check:

  • Are you saved? Can you go back and find a time when you asked Jesus for salvation and your heart was transformed?
  • How’s your prayer life? If you’re not on speaking terms with God, nothing in your world is going to feel right.
  • Are you holding a grudge? Grudges cause bitterness. Bitterness takes over every aspect of life and makes spirituality impossible.

Your Church

The problem with unity could be rooted within your church. Perhaps there are other members nursing grudges or ignoring God.

You can’t change them.

That bears repeating. Nothing you do or say will change the individual having a negative impact on your church.

Bathe this issue in intense prayer. By that I mean spending time talking with the Lord about it in depth every day for a week. The Lord will confirm what He wants you to do next.

Three things you can do when you know the source of the problem isn’t you:

  • Pray. Pray for the person. Pray for the situation. Pray for your pastor to see and address the problem. Pray
  • Seek out the individual and share your burden with them. Make sure you have scripture to enlighten them and that your motive is love.
  • Change churches. It’s never something fun to consider, even when moving to a new community, but if you can’t walk together with the people in your local church, your personal growth will be stunted. And, is God getting glory from an assembly that is constantly in disunity?
Original photo by PhotoPlay
Original photo by PhotoPlay

The main point here is to realize unity should never be based on personality. You can have stronger convictions than another person, and still share a sense of unity with them about God’s work.

On the other hand, if you don’t agree about foundational Biblical teachings, how can you be in unity?

Next: A four-part series on Practical Unity



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