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Practical Unity Part Two: Christ at the Center

Unity takes work. It honors God and acts like a salve to our spirit, but it’s unnatural to human nature.

Last week, we discovered that unity begins with us. In fact, when we accepted Christ as our savior, He gave us a mission: to reconcile others to him.

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ” 2 Corinthians 5:20a

When was the last time you were focusing your thoughts on Christ and were at odds with another person?

Can’t think of a time? Not surprising. Christ wants to bring everyone into agreement with Him. When we’re focusing on Christ, we yearn to get along.

On the other hand, the devil is the instigator of wars, fights and strife (James 4:1, 7).

The second step to having a life marked by unity is to understand your purpose.

An Ambassador’s Role


The Greek word translated “ambassador” in 2 Corinthians 5:20, means “to act as a representative.”

Christ made us new. He gave us a mission. He’s no longer physically present in this world, so we must act in his stead.

Every action we take should mirror Christ’s life. Every word we speak should come from the heart of Christ.

Acting like Christ will stir up strife in some circles. If it causes problems at church, there’s a deeper problem that needs to be addressed.

The outcomes aren’t your main concern. You’re representing Christ to the world, and only you will answer to Him for how well your performed as his ambassador.

So, ambassador, represent Christ.

An Ambassador’s Rules

An ambassador has no authority. They know the one they represent and are instructed to act on his behalf in the world where they live.

This means that what an ambassador thinks, feels and believes isn’t part of the equation. A representative must act as the one he represents would act. You’re a stand-in for Jesus Christ.

Scary. He’ll let a weak person like me represent him? Yes, because He offers everything needed to honor Him.

I’m an ambassador to the people in my neighborhood, community, circle of friends and network of business associates. When I interact with them, they should see Christ, because I am His representative twenty-four/seven.

“Does what Im doing/saying accurately represent Christ’s goals?” (Remember, He wants the whole world to be saved, experience peace with God.)

How often do we consider our role as Christ’s representative? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Can’t remember when?

If you want unity at your church:

  1. Accept that unity begins with you
  2. Act only as Christ’s representative

Come back next week for Part Three



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