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Practical Unity Part Three: Scripture is the only basis

Most organizations have some sort of tenets. They have a list of characteristics that define their purpose, requirements for membership, a mission statement.

Christians have this as well. It’s called The Holy Bible.

The all-time best-selling book worldwide, The Holy Bible is a living book. When men determined to ban it, they failed. When sects decided to burn it, they could never eradicate every copy.

Because like God, His Word is eternal.

One Source

Unity is about oneness. In order for us to have unity based on scripture, we must use the scripture derived from the same source.

Any version will not do. Or I should say, if we use different versions we won’t be able to have unity.


The New International Version doesn’t use the same source for its translation as the King James Version. The Amplified Bible uses the manuscripts used by the King James crew AND the Septuagint.

We can only have unity if we are plugged into the same source for our truth.

Even if we say we serve the same God, He cannot unify us if we don’t agree on what He has commanded us to do.

One Stand

People lived by the words of scripture in the Dark Ages. And they died standing on those principles.

What are we willing to die for? Our family? Our friends? Our faith in Christ? Our conviction that the Bible is God’s Word?

Or maybe nothing at all.

The Holy Bible gives us solid ground to stand upon. It authenticates our standards and strengthens our faith.

In order to have unity with other people (especially those we attend church with), we need to have the same foundation for our beliefs. Yes, Christ is the Chief Cornerstone of the church, but the Word of God is the guide book.

Be sure of the book you’re basing your beliefs upon. There are eternal consequences for your choice.

We can achieve unity in our church and personal life. Here are the steps:

  1. Accept that unity begins with you
  2. Act only as Christ’s representative
  3. Live according to Biblical standards

The final installation of this Practical Unity series is next



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