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Worthy of Praise: A Poem

I found this poem on a website of Christian poetry. The words of The Revelation inspired Chrissy, who is all the way across the globe in India.

Being the writer I am, a few of the lines needed tweaking. It could be because English isn’t her first language? (Or more likely because I’m picky about cadence in poetry.)

Still, I didn’t alter it too much. Just as she took most of her words directly from the Bible. Then paired them in couplets and stanzas, the way artists do.

It was an untitled poem on the website, so the title is also mine.

Worthy of Praise

King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
Crowned with glory and Majesty.
He Who is and Who was,
And Who is to come, the Almighty.

Clothed with a scarlet garment,
He stands amid the seven lamps,
One like the Son of Man,
Chest girded with a golden band,

His eyes shine like flames of fire,
His head and hair as white as snow,
His voice as the sound of the roaring oceans,
His feet like fine brass, we never know.

In His right hand are seven stars,
Great, mighty, faint-worthy is His appearance.
Out of His mouth comes a two-edged sword,
Surpassing the sun is His countenance.

Salvation belongs to our God on the throne,
To the Lamb and to Him Who is Holy…
Blessing, thanksgiving, all power and might,
To Him be all honor, praise and glory.



Freelance writer and editor whose background in education and BA in English Language & Literature amps her love of all things books. Twenty years of parenting and 26 of marriage gives unique insight to her preferred audiences of women, young adults, and teenagers.

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