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When Thanksgiving seems far from your Heart

Today, I’m going to share a few words of wisdom from John Piper’s book When the Darkness Will Not Lift. Check out a description at this link.

This is a book I have not read. Using this quote is NOT an endorsement for this book. However, while searching for quotes about praising God, the passage below came up front and center in the Google query.

Do not say, ‘But it is hypocritical to thank God with my tongue when I don’t feel thankful in my heart.’

John Piper says: “There is such a thing as hypocritical thanksgiving. Its aim is to conceal ingratitude and get the praise of men. That is not your aim. Your aim in loosing your tongue with words of gratitude is that God would be merciful and fill your words with the emotion of true gratitude. You are not seeking the praise of men; you are seeing the mercy of God. You are not hiding the hardness of ingratitude, but hoping for the in-breaking of the Spirit.”

Thanksgiving with the Mouth Stirs Up Thankfulness in the Heart

“Moreover, we should probably ask the despairing saint, ‘Do you know your heart so well that you are sure the words of thanks have no trace of gratitude in them?’

I, for one, distrust my own assessment of my motives. I doubt that I know my good ones well enough to see all the traces of contamination. And I doubt that I know my bad ones well enough to see the traces of grace.

Therefore, it is not folly for a Christian to assume that there is a residue of gratitude in his heart when he speaks and sings of God’s goodness even though he feels little or nothing. To this should be added that experience shows that doing the right thing, in the way I have described, is often the way toward being in the right frame.”

With the national day of Thanksgiving coming up in a few hours, how about your heart? Is it feeling especially grateful for the bounty of turkey and dessert sure to grace your table on November 26, 2015?

Or are you in need of a few practice rounds of praising God before the holiday is upon us?

Try this: count your blessings. Begin with this: I’m breathing. Next might be: I got out of bed without assistance this morning.

Do you have family? Friends? A church family? A home? Possessions? Health? Then, my friend, you have plenty for which to thank and praise our gracious Lord and Savior.

What are you especially thankful for this year? Leave us a comment so we can also give thanks to God for his special blessing.



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