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Experiencing Revival Part 2: Holiness

Every child of God wants to feel enlivened in their spirit, as they did on the day they accepted Christ as Savior. This is the essence of revival.

Last week, we looked at the scriptural definition of revival. And we learned that the first step toward revival (after repentance and humility) is acknowledging God’s indefinable love for us.

God loves us. Which is surprising, considering Who He is. Or maybe the surprise comes once we realize who we are. And how undeserving.

If we want to be revived, we’ll need to discover this truth.


Most of the time, holiness gets the shaft from believers. We either ignore it. Or we lift it as an unattainable standard.

God is holy. Something is holy when it is perfect and spiritually pure. Only God is holy. Men can ascribe to holiness by patterning their lives after Christ and relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

True holiness makes something separate. God’s character exemplifies holiness. Because of that, He alone is entitled to worship.

Holiness should inspire fear and awe. The fact that a holy God loves fallible, sinful man should amaze us to the point of humble surrender.

Second Aspect in Revival: Honoring God’s Holiness

The priests in Malachi’s day weren’t honoring God. In fact, God said the priests despised His name (Malachi 1:6).

Under the new covenant, all believers are priests and should honor God.

If we begrudge the time in worship services or the amount we give in tithes and offerings, we fail to honor God’s holiness.

How about serving God because of what we can get out of it? This is nothing new. In Malachi 1:10, the prophet let the Israelites know that their evil intentions were crystal clear to the omniscient God they served.

Holiness merits Reverence

God is holy. Because of this, we should fear and revere Him.

In Malachi 3:14, the so-called holy priests of God had forgotten this. They declared worshiping God useless and pointless.

This cuts me. Because I’ve thought the same thing. “Why go to church? It doesn’t help me.”

Why? Because God is holy and mighty and loving and deserves the worship, honor and praise of his creation. “The heavens declare the glory of the Lord” (Psalm 19:1) but the children of God often complain or remain silent.

If you’re feeling far from God, try making a list of His blessings in your life. The fact that you’re breathing is a gift. Heart beating? Thank God for that little electrical impulse that makes it happen.

Thus far, we’ve discovered three stops on the stairway to revival:

  1. Humility and repentance
  2. Embracing the love of God
  3. Honoring the holiness of God

Next week: Part 3



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