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Love by Random Acts of Kindness


This year, we’re getting caught up in a fad, following the crowd and doing all those things we generally say are bad. But doing random acts of kindness has become popular (much like the saying “Pay it Forward” was a few years ago), and we want the positive trend of spreading positive emotions to continue.

That’s why as part of our Love Works initiative this year, we’re encouraging every single person in our congregation to do a random act of kindness. Maybe they can start with one per day when they’re out of their house.

Random-Acts-of-KindnessThe goal is to bestow these random acts so frequently that doing them becomes part of our normal world. We couldn’t imagine NOT buying the meal of the person behind us in the drive thru – or returning the shopping cart of the person parked one row over.

Yes, these are small things, but what if the little things in life are really the big things?

In fact, there is an actual organization dedicated to this principle of committing random acts of kindness. Don’t believe me?

Well, it’s true. It’s called the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.They sponsored and promoted a random acts of kindness week February 14-20, 2016 using the Twitter hashtag RAKWeek. I hope you’ll click through and check out some of the encouraging stories spurred by simple acts of human kindness.


Kindness is the little sister of Love. Love in action looks a lot like kindness (and forgiveness and compassion).

The amazing thing about kindness, or love in action, is its addictive-ness. The feel good hormones produced when someone thanks you and you see the gratitude in their eyes are more powerful than any stimulant.

In fact, you don’t even need to be thanked to get the benefit. Sometimes the extra thrill of secretly bestowing kindness on someone gives a double burst of joy to your heart and soul.

What’s one random act of kindness you can do for someone today?



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