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Three Ways Satan Fights Revival

Life is a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:12). Satan fights to keep us from walking in the Spirit because then we lose the power to defeat him. Now that our church has determined to find revival at the hand of God, Satan has become twice as determined to stop revival.

He’s the Grinch. Revival is his Christmas. Satan hates revival with more passion than Dr. Seuss ever thought to imbue into the Grinch.

While Satan likes to sneak around in the dark and do his dirty work like the Grinch, Satan needs more than a dog and a sled to stop revival. Three of his favorite tactics for keeping revival from coming involve using the very Whos in need of it.

Those Whos are you and me.


Satan doesn’t have to work very hard to get most of us wrapped up in all the bells and whistles of the world. He is the prince of this place (for now). He’s had thousands of years to perfect his worldliness campaign.

It’s baseball season? Sorry, I have to be at the ball field. My kid is an All-Star. My Giants are on a winning streak.

Summer is time for family vacations. You can’t expect us to stay home for a week of meetings. We go to church all year long.

It’s time for fishing. Or camping. Or working overtime.

The world’s trappings look mighty fine. They snare us before we’ve realized we’ve taken a step away from God and right into the devil’s nets


Satan loves Christians who think they’re doing okay. Or those who think they’ve arrived at a higher level of spiritual maturity.

Sure, they read their Bible daily and pray. Unfortunately, the Bible reading is all about habit. Their prayers sound too much like the Pharisee of old, “I’m doing all this for you, God. Please help those other people get right.”

These people don’t miss a church service. They smile and shake your hand. Everything is great. God is blessing them so much.

But their hearts are far from God. They’re “playing church” and the enemy couldn’t be happier with their little Sunday show.


Without passion, there can be no revival. And what do we need to be passionate about? God. Things God is passionate about.

Instead, we’re lackadaisical. Church is fine even if we never feel the Spirit. Don’t rock the boat. What’s wrong with the status quo? We’ve always done it this way.

Apathy sucks the life out of a church faster than rampant sin or boastful self-righteousness. It’s like a dampener on the fireplace.

It’s the bushel Matthew chapter 5 says we aren’t supposed to hide our spiritual light under.

The worst thing about apathy: it’s a contagious plague.

One person gets “ho-hum” and before you turn around, half the church is choking on the sickness.

Satan uses apathy because when we’re infected with it, nothing matters. And we don’t have the motivation to change even if we think we might care.

Time for a little heart checkup. Does sin’s Grinch have you in the trap of worldliness, self-righteousness or apathy?

Don’t let him win. Show him this Who knows the One who has already defeated Mr. Grinch.

Satan wants to stop revival from coming. Don’t let him do it. Not in your heart and life.

Up next: What is revival? And who needs it anyway?



Freelance writer and editor whose background in education and BA in English Language & Literature amps her love of all things books. Twenty years of parenting and 26 of marriage gives unique insight to her preferred audiences of women, young adults, and teenagers.

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