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Keeping the Fire Alive

Day two of the revival meeting featuring Elder Travis Lane of Astatula Baptist Church. That’s what’s happening at St. Helens Baptist Church.

But just because there’s a meeting, doesn’t mean there’s revival.

Remember what revival is? It’s renewing something to a lively state. Check out Spurgeon’s full definition here.

How will we know we’re revived? Good question. Here are four indicators that the fire of spiritual awakening is burning in your church.

Leaders with Zeal

“If an ungodly man steps into a congregation where all the saints are revived he does not go to sleep under the sermon. The minister will not let him do that, for the hearer perceives that the preacher feels what he is preaching, and has a right to be heard. “

Laborers with Enthusiasm

“When Christians are revived they live more consistently, they make their homes more holy and more happy, and this leads the ungodly to envy them, and to inquire after their secret. Sinners by God’s grace long to be like such cheerful happy saints; their mouths water to feast with them upon their hidden manna, and this is another blessing, for it leads men to seek the Savior.”

Genuine burdens for the Lost

“The revived Christian speaks concerning Jesus and the gospel; he sows good seed, and God’s good seed is never lost, for he has said, “It shall not return unto me void.” The good seed is sown in the furrows, and in some sinners’ hearts God prepares the soil, so that the seed springs up in a glorious harvest. Thus by the zealous conversation of believers another door of mercy opens to men.”

Fervent Prayer

Longing, loving prayer for sinners, is one of the marks of a revival in the renewed heart. Since the blessing is asked for sinners, the blessing comes from him who hears the prayers of his people; and thus the world gains by revival.

The above quotes come from Charles H. Spurgeon’s article titled “What is Revival?” Find the full text here.

Where do you fit in this four-piece puzzle of a revived church body?



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