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Will You Miss the Risen Lord this Easter?

Standing in celebration next Sunday morning, we will sing of Jesus and His real – and our ultimate – resurrection from this life to the next.

But what about after Sunday? In the days and weeks that follow, will we see our risen Lord as he continues walking among us?

Or will we, like so many in the New Testament account, miss the risen Jesus?

  • In the garden: Grief, disorientation and fear closed the eyes of Mary Magdalene who took the risen Jesus to be a gardener. (John 20:1)
  • On the road: Grief and incomplete theology closed the eyes of two followers who concluded he was but a fellow traveler taking up conversation to pass the journey. (Luke 24:15)
  • In the Upper Room: Doubt, fear and nonsensical thinking closed the eyes of the disciples who concluded Jesus was a ghost. (Luke 24:37)
  • On the beach: Distance and dismay blinded the disciples to the presence of their Lord. (John 21: 4)

In each situation, followers of Jesus were blinded by unexpectedness. They saw him dying and decided he was dead and would stay dead. When he appeared, in a garden, on the road, in the Upper Room, on the beach, they didn’t expect him to be where he was. So they missed him.

In each post-resurrection circumstance – in God’s sovereign timing – eyes were opened and Jesus was revealed (Luke 24:31). And while admittedly, we can only “see” God when he enlightens the eyes of our souls to see him, when God makes a surprise appearance in our everyday, don’t we often miss him too?

As we undertake our Easter journey, both this week and next and in the seasons that follow, can we cooperate with God in his eye-opening work? Can we watch for him to reveal what he wants to reveal to us when he wants to reveal it?

Let’s not miss Jesus …

Watch. Jesus is risen! Here he comes!

**This post is from Elisa Morgan and was copied from her website. View the entire post here.

In some circles, this is Passion Week. It’s easy to see Jesus in the vivid details on the final road to His ultimate obedience.

But are we expecting him to show up at work with us on Wednesday? Do we invite him into the midst of our gatherings of friends on Friday night?

Every Sunday should remind us of the power and promise of the resurrection. And every day we should be looking for the one who loved us so much to walk beside us in the mundane.

Where have you seen Jesus this week?



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