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Evolution or Creation – It is a Matter of Trust

Broken Trust

When someone is trying to tell or teach us something we have one of two options: We can either choose to believe them, or not believe them, based on our level of trust in their wisdom and knowledge, experience, or their relationship to us.

  • Those with a lot of wisdom or knowledge (like the ‘three ‘R‘s of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic), tend to fall into a trustworthy status because what they teach can and has been be proven in various ways.
  • We usually trust the teachings of those who exhibit a lot of experience in certain area(s) due to their ‘time in service’, as it were.
  • Generally, we also trust those that are closely related to us because of that relationship in tandem with a proven track record of not leading us astray.

In the secular world, there can be a plethora of factors that will determine a teacher’s lessons.  With that in mind, we need to look not only at the individual’s credentials but at their motivation – what makes them say what they say.

For simplicity’s sake, we will focus on those in 1) the profession of teaching us and our children, and 2) those that teach us from God’s word, The Bible.

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Atheism & Evolution – Natural Bed Fellows

Evolutionists say that we all came from single celled organisms and eventually became man through the course of many, many evolutionary stages. And that all this transpired in nature without the interference of man or God. Going along hand in hand with this belief, is also the disbelief that God exists, because you can’t believe both. You can not argue that God created everything but not everything was created by God. Either God made everything or we are all pond-scum decedents.